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New Stanford Data Science Initiative Developments

May 10, 2018

We are excited to share new developments that the Stanford Data Science Initiative (SDSI) is undertaking to advance the incredible diversity of data science research happening all across our campus. We strive to support core data science research and connect methodologists and domain scientists who are using data science and computation to effectively respond to our most pressing societal and scientific challenges. I hope you will join our mailing list so that we may continue to communicate with you as these exciting new developments take shape!

What we have been up to:

At the start of the new year, SDSI assembled a strong interdisciplinary leadership team and working group that encompasses a broad range of departments and disciplines across the University, aided by our excellent staff. These individuals have been, and continue to be, instrumental in focusing our efforts to take into account the ideas and great work in data science approaches to education, human health, humanities, nature and sustainability, and ethics, along with the core research in the science of data science and additional fields. SDSI is inclusive and encompasses the entire campus community.

Our website,, has recently been updated to provide a platform for our new efforts and it is the go-to source for SDSI information.

New opportunities that we are announcing in the coming weeks:

Data Science Seed Grant Awards

SDSI will soon announce an open call for proposals to fund outstanding research that uses data science methods to take on a societal and/or scientific challenge.

Stanford Data Science Scholars

SDSI will soon announce a call for applications to become a Stanford Data Science Scholar in our inaugural cohort. Data Science Scholars are Stanford postdocs and PhD students, currently at the University, who are leading the data revolution in their own field of research and actively working to advance the practices of their colleagues.

Upcoming events:

Our Spring 2018 Workshop, Data Science for the Advancement of Society and Business, will be held on May 30, 2018.  Follow the link to see the program and for registration information.

SDSI partner institution, ICME, will be holding their annual Xpo Roundtable and Symposium on May 18, 2018. Follow the link to see the program and for registration information.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to continuing to provide our campus community with more opportunities moving forward.
Jure Leskovec
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Stanford Data Science Initiative